Dice Golf

by Ben Russell

Important!  Whatever number a die happens to come up as is how much power it will have for the next shot. 

At the start of a round you don't know any of the dice's values, and when you select a hidden die you will be locked into that die for the next shot. Choose carefully!

Remember that because this is golf, a lower score (# of shots) is better! Your final score is relative to the total Par for each course. If the total par was 30 and you completed the game in 29 shots, your score would be -1.

Be sure to hit the Fullscreen button below the play window.


[1-5] Select Die

[Left/Right Arrow] Aim next shot

[Up Arrow/Space] Fire Shot

[R] Reroll the current die (Once per round!)

[Backspace] Restart Round

Camera Controls:

[Mouse] Look

[WASD] Move Camera Horizontally

[Q] Move Camera Up

[E] Move Camera Down


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Very cool idea. Deciding which dice to use was a very interesting decision.

Good game!

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My best score was 29 above par! 

Don't mind the default unity look, this game jam was a mad dash against the physics engine and discrepancies between the game in-editor versus online XP

I think you'll find it practically bug free! Be sure to read all the instructions below the play window.